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Query Letters Part 2: The Extras

Last time, after doing my best to convince you that it’s worth the work to master the query letter, I went through the most important part of said query letter: the pitch. If you’re already set up with an agent and editor and/or are publishing on your own, that’s pretty much all you need.


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Book Synopsis: Write One that Sells — Fictional Kevin

Selling Your Book Once Your Mom and Friends all Bought OK, you got your book done. Edited. Up at KDP and CreateSpace. Your mom bought it. A few of your Facebook friends picked it up as well. (What’s with Doris? She is such a cheapskate! Couldn’t part with $2.99 and asked for a “complementary” version. […]

via Book Synopsis: Write One that Sells — Fictional Kevin

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Don’t Hate the Query Letter: Master It

There is nothing in the world that makes my critique group members groan louder than when someone brings in a query letter. It seems everyone hates query letters. Me? I’m the weirdo who gets excited. Before you leave because I’m obviously insane, let me explain.

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Dear People I Submit My Work To: A Love Letter From the Discard Pile

Dear People I Submit My Work To; You don’t know me, but you’ve read my handiwork, or at least the part where I make an honest attempt to spell your name correctly. That’s a lot of your job: to read my writing, judge it, and finally click a button that either sends my dreams […]

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Hearing Crickets? Try These Freelance Pitch Tweaks That Get You to “Yes”

Are you scared to send cold pitches to drum up new business clients? It made me nervous, too, when I quit my salaried job to write.

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Calling All Foodie Freelancers: 20 Dining and Food Magazines to Pitch

When you savor a meal, are you dreaming of the words you’d use to describe it? Do you salivate at the thought of writing about food for a living? If so, why not try your hand at food writing?

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You’re Welcome: Interpreting the Rejection Letter – By Karen Kaplan

You know that “boing!” in your stomach as soon as you see the journal’s name, or the editor’s, or the agent’s, or the publisher’s in your inbox? It’s sometimes, or okay often followed with a knife to the heart: You read the devastating opening words:  “Thank you…” Thank