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NPR News: Librarian Nancy Pearl Shares 4 Works Of Fiction For The End Of 2019

Librarian Nancy Pearl Shares 4 Works Of Fiction For The End Of 2019
Our go-to librarian says there are plenty of readers who find that “fiction gives you the truth of history and nonfiction gives you the facts.” With that in mind, she shares four new titles.

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They Were the Renaissance Men of Roman Antiquity

When you purchase an independently reviewed book through our site, we earn an affiliate commission. If only Daisy Dunn’s book had been around back when I was an aspiring classicist.

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These Books Are Ready for Their Close-Up

Illustrated. 504 pp. Rutgers University. $39.95. Open Tapert’s elegant doorstopper of a coffee-table book and you’ll find yourself face to face with Frances McDormand looking as if she has a trick up her sleeve.

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‘Crime in Progress’ Tells the Story Behind the Steele Dossier

In the annals of political warfare, sober recitations of facts often pale next to lurid speculation. Before they founded the private intelligence firm Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch had long careers reporting and editing for The Wall Street Journal.

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Book Your Calendar

Today is the great English writer’s birthday (her 244th, to be precise); dip into any one of her immortal books or this piece looking at precisely why Austen’s work continues to be read here. The great novelist died on this date in 1940, at only 44. Read his obituary here.