Shannon Bolithoe : A Writing Life

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Sara Danius, 57, Dies; First Woman to Head Nobel Literature Committee

She led the deliberations to grant Bob Dylan the Nobel. When she was ousted after a sex scandal in which she was not involved, thousands rallied to her defense.


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12 New Books We Recommend This Week

My dentist yesterday asked me how everything is going, and since I had a sharp steel pick jammed into my mouth at the time I just shrugged and gave him a little gesture, hands up. “Same old, same old?” he asked, nodding. “You know what I always say about that.

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Elton John’s Bookshelves Are Meticulous. Just Ask Him.

What books are on your nightstand? I bought two books in Los Angeles recently. The first is Salman Rushdie’s “Quichotte,” a reworking of “Don Quixote” set in modern-day America. It’s had really fantastic reviews.

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A Novel of Jamaica Brimming With Magic, Passion and History

When you purchase an independently reviewed book through our site, we earn an affiliate commission. In her classic memoir, “Black Ice,” Lorene Cary recounts a well-known West Indian fairy tale about a woman who had the power to leave her body at night and fly wherever she wanted to go.

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David Farland’s Writing Tips : Learning to Write

Once in a great while, I run across a writer who thinks that they know it all. They’re professionals, maybe bestsellers. They might have a Ph.D. in Creative Writing even. They can almost convince you that they really do know it all—until they say something stupid.

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In Letters to the World, a New Wave of Memoirs Draws on the Intimate

The memoir, as we know it, was born out of an act of petty larceny. Late one night in the fourth century, a teenager plucked pears off a neighbor’s tree. He didn’t especially want them; he tasted a few and tossed the rest to the hogs. He stole them for the sake of stealing them.