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‘The Unwinding of the Miracle’ Is About How to Die — and Live

She didn’t know it then, but Julie Yip-Williams began her memoir, “The Unwinding of the Miracle” — which enters the list at No. 8 — in July 2013. That’s when the 37-year-old mother of two, in the E.R. with stomach pains and nausea, learned she had Stage 4 colon cancer.


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The Week in Books

George W. Bush’s two terms as president are already turning up as the subject of historical fiction. Thomas Mallon, the author of many Washington novels, revisits the Bush years in “Landfall.”

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Similarities in Two Novels Raise Questions About the Limits of Literary Influence

Last year, while promoting his debut thriller, “The Woman in the Window,” Dan Mallory praised the tradition of literary mimicry: “It is often said that ‘good writers borrow, great writers steal,’” he said in an interview with The Guardian, borrowing a phrase from T. S. Eliot.

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Read Books by Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand and Other 2020 Presidential Candidates

Politicians’ memoirs can give insight into their values. More than 10 candidates have announced a bid for the presidency. Often, politicians release books pegged to their announcements to drive interest and give voters a chance to get to know them. Here are some of those books.

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In ‘The Threat,’ Andrew McCabe Issues the Latest Warning Call About Trump’s America

On the back cover of his new book, “The Threat: How the F.B.I. Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump,” Andrew G. McCabe looks preposterously fit (he competes in triathlons). His hands are at his hips, gunslinger style.