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Ask An Agent: Paul Lucas On What Makes A Self-Published Author Stand Out

Paul Lucas is a literary agent at Janklow & Nesbit where he has been representing authors since 2011. His clients come from across the spectrum of fiction (thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, historical and literary) and non-fiction (history, narrative, travel, science and humor).


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How To Sell Two Million Self-Published Books With Rachel Abbott

Success as an indie author is not about luck, it’s about putting significant effort into all aspects of the author business. In today’s interview, I talk to Rachel Abbott, one of the UK’s top crime authors, who also happens to be indie.

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Should you .. could you .. crowdfund your next book?

We’re in an age of new publishing models. And two of the emerging trends – crowdfunding and hybrid publishing – seem to meet in the organisation Unbound. The principle of Unbound is simple. Raise enough money to publish the first print run. After that, the profits of any sales are split equally between the author […]

via Should you – could you – crowdfund your next book? Unbound uncovered — Nail Your Novel

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Self-Publishing: How to Promote Your Book With One Easy Photoshop Technique

Are you looking for eye-catching images you can use on social media, in newsletters, and elsewhere online to market your self-published books? Do you also have Adobe Photoshop on your computer?

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Why your EPUB is being rejected from Apple iBooks Store

It has become quite unlikely to submit anything to Apple without getting rejected at the first few attempts. Even ebooks. Apple. Rejections. A very unfortunate combination.

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Sell More Books: Resources for Self-Publishing Authors

Writing books is a collaborative process, and self-publishing books is perhaps even more so. In order to sell books you’ve self-published, you not only have to understand your subject matter, but also how to position your book in the marketplace and how to sell your book online.

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Smashwords Shares 5 Ways to Succeed with Self-Publishing in 2016

Self-publishing is a pretty tough game for most authors, but as the industry matures and best practices start to emerge, we’re starting to learn more about what makes a self-published title sell.