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Today’s Writer’s Tip: Doing Research for Nonfiction

April 25, 2016   Research for Nonfiction   Do I Need To Do Research for my Nonfiction Work? “Well, that’s a no-brainer,” you say. “Even if you’re writing your life history, you’d probably need an ancient facts book to see what REALLY BIG happened the year you were born. Duh. Nonfiction means ‘no fakey talkey.’” […]

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Understand the Differences Between Fiction and Nonfiction

“ You are currently reading non-fiction. Does that mean this article will tell you the truth? Not necessarily.”

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How To Write Data-Driven Stories: Five Core Narratives

There is a growing interest in data driven stories. Some people refer to it as a new form of data journalism, although the reality is that data driven journalism has been around since the mid-1800’s.

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Want to See Your Byline All Over Town? Make Your Name in This Magazine Niche

Everyone always says to write about what you know. What could you know better than your own backyard? Regional magazines are a great way to break into magazine writing.

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Pitching Long-Form Journalism? Don’t Forget Your Goal

When you’re pitching a complicated story, it’s important to provide enough background information to help an editor understand why this story needs to be told. But too much background can bog down your pitch, or bury the story you really want to tell.