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Until the Rivers Run Still – Sample Chapters

A compelling story of love and loss set in Australia in the 1950’s, this new historical romance will lift your heart, making you laugh and cry at the tragedies of life.

A sweeping novel about two very different people brought together in a mesmerizing story that journeys from present-day Australia to Sydney in the 1950’s, China in the 1920’s and the horrors of the Western Front.

Until the Rivers Run Still begins with a search for family history — which becomes the catalyst for the story of an unexpected and haunting love. Lucy King, a feisty Chinese orphan, fights to overcome the narrow prejudices of her time and place. Disappointed in love, and resigned to spinsterhood, her curiosity is piqued when she meets Jo Smith. She becomes determined to discover the tragedy she believes lies behind his quiet exterior. Jo is an older man, who leads a solitary life, with apparently only his books for company. Lucy tries everything to break through his reserve and eventually, despite all his efforts to rebuff her, they become friends. But friendship will never be enough for Lucy – at least not with Jo Smith.

Jo is touched by Lucy’s beauty and gentle nature. However, haunted by memories of carnage and the injuries he has learnt to hide from the world, Jo believes he has nothing to offer a woman. He fights against his growing feelings for Lucy, while she yearns for the chance to show him her love, if only he will let her.

Can she convince him to love and trust her? Can she make him believe they can be happy together, and overcome the scars of his past tragedies?

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Prologue – The Present

Chapter 1 – May 1950

Chapter 2 – June 1950

Chapter 3 – June 1950

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