Shannon Bolithoe : A Writing Life

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Australian Booksellers Block Sales of Ronan Farrow’s Book

“Catch and Kill” was pulled from two of Australia’s biggest online book retailers amid legal threats from the former National Enquirer editor who features prominently in the book.


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Cat Marnell Is Back From the Brink

In her new audiobook “Self-Tanner for the Soul,” the quasi-reformed party girl tells listeners that you can, in fact, run away from your problems. These days, Cat Marnell wakes up at 9 a.m. — “early for me,” she said.

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The Return of Olive Kitteridge, the Tart, Crotchety, Beloved Curmudgeon

When you purchase an independently reviewed book through our site, we earn an affiliate commission. Patrick Melrose, the deeply troubled yet savagely witty character who was breathed into existence by the English author Edward St.

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Harold Bloom, a Prolific Giant and Perhaps the Last of a Kind

Harold Bloom, the imperious and convivial scholar and literary critic, the last colossus in terms of his ardor and prodigious memory, a self-described “tired, sad, humane old creature,” and a man who was increasingly isolated in his opinions about what the great books are and why they matter, wa