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Connecting with editors / David Farland

Connecting with editors / David Farland

“Most new writers dream of getting a high-powered agent and editor, and as a new author I was no different.  As an older writer, I’m a bit more skeptical.

I got my first agent fairly easily.  After winning the Writers of the Future Contest and having the award ceremony atop the World Trade Center in 1986, I was approached by eight different publishers who asked to see my first novel proposal.  I really didn’t know who to go with, so I did some research on agents and found one who had several big-name clients that I admired.  I called her on the phone and introduced myself, but it turned out that she had heard about me from another writer and agreed to represent me on the spot.  I faxed her my proposal for my first novel, and she sent it to several editors and within a two days we looked at offers from three publishers and had a deal….”

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Worst Writer Mistakes: 8 Editors Reveal What Makes Them Say ‘No’

Have you ever wished you could find out what editors really think when they read your pitches and stories? Now you don’t have to wonder, because eight editors have shared their biggest freelance pet peeves in the Freelance Writers Den’s semi-regular “Ask An Editor” Den meeting calls.

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You’ve Written a Book! Now What? : The Ins-and-Outs of Hiring an Editor

You’ve Written a Book! Now What? : The Ins-and-Outs of Hiring an Editor by Shanan Winters There’s a moment in time when an author puts the final punctuation on the last sentence of a manuscript. In that brief second, the writer feels elation, excitement, a touch of fear, and maybe even some twinges of sadness. […]