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Want to Make Money Blogging? Avoid My Biggest Mistake

Lately, I’ve been reviewing the many mistakes I made as I learned to make money blogging. It’s humbling! I started in 2008, and it took until the end of 2011 to get any real traction, in terms of earning.

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How to Stop Procrastinating: 5 Foolproof Methods for Writers

We’ve all been there: sitting up straight at your desk, computers on or notebooks open, your eyes bright and your intentions set. Yet somehow you can’t quite bring yourselves to start making words appear on the page.

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Too scared to write? The one-two punch that finally got me writing 

Writer’s block is about fear. So this two-pronged psychological hack for writers neutralizes writing-angst before it starts so you can get to writing.

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Why write? What’s the point? Why bother? 



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The Top Ten Tips For Finding Motivation to Write 

By Courtney Carpenter

“ Lacking the motivation to write? Follow these 10 tips and create your own daily writing habit. Use your momentum and achieve your writing goals.”

Writing takes commitment, self-discipline, and desire. Don’t let other distractions get in the way of your writing goals–set aside time every day to write. When you are tempted to make up an excuse as to why you can’t write today, stop yourself. Only you can write the rest of that chapter you’re working on or meet your deadline. Remind yourself why you are passionate about writing. Plus, look to these 10 tips for writing motivation from Writer with a Day Job by Aine Greaney…”

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