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8 New Books We Recommend This Week

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Devotees of Elena Ferrante should check out the latest piece in the puzzle of her identity: a novel by Domenico Starnone, “Ties,” that offers a response to her early work “Days of Abandonment.


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One thought on “8 New Books We Recommend This Week

  1. Just read Ties without knowledge of the link to Ferrante, but as soon as I started reading, I had a ‘deja vu’ or ‘deja lu’ sensation of being in the same apartment as the protagonist of The Days of Abandonment, clearly a strong connection, a case of “the man writes back” perhaps.

    I was inspired to go on to read Frantumaglia, A Writer’s Journey which I had on the shelf, when I’d finished, to get more of an insight into the Ferrante motivations, the first half about The Days of Abandoment and Troubling Love are wonderfully insightful, its a bit of a pity that interviews since the Neapolitan quartet focus far too much on her absence from promotional activity, the earlier interviews elicit her literary influences and projections and are brilliant. She’s got me interested in some of those Greek heroines she was influenced by next!

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