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Connecting with editors / David Farland

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Connecting with editors / David Farland

“Most new writers dream of getting a high-powered agent and editor, and as a new author I was no different.  As an older writer, I’m a bit more skeptical.

I got my first agent fairly easily.  After winning the Writers of the Future Contest and having the award ceremony atop the World Trade Center in 1986, I was approached by eight different publishers who asked to see my first novel proposal.  I really didn’t know who to go with, so I did some research on agents and found one who had several big-name clients that I admired.  I called her on the phone and introduced myself, but it turned out that she had heard about me from another writer and agreed to represent me on the spot.  I faxed her my proposal for my first novel, and she sent it to several editors and within a two days we looked at offers from three publishers and had a deal….”

Author: SBolithoe

Librarian, author, blogger, presenter, history buff and animal lover.

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