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5 Ways to Take the Vanity Out of Your Non-Fiction Book

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 5 Ways to Take the Vanity Out of Your Non-Fiction Book

By Ken Dunn

“No one wants to hear about how you struggled with adversity and came out on top without learning some lessons along the way.

The idea of writing a non-fiction book to help bolster your credibility, draw in new clients or educate people is not new. Unfortunately, there are more people than ever that are deciding to pen their stories and publish a book that outlines everything they have been through. Their hope is that their story will inspire others and maybe even land them a few new clients.

With the ever-falling costs of creating, producing and publishing a book, we are being overwhelmed with more books being publishing on an annual basis than ever before.  Over 1.1 million new books were published in 2013, according to Bowker, an international research agency that focuses on the publishing industry. Sadly, most of these new non-fiction books are poorly written and never sell more then a few dozen copies to friends and family. Most of these books are all written the same way: “I was born, I grew up, when I was young I had challenges, when I grew up I had more challenges, something tragic happened, it made me realize, I made some changes, now I’m successful and you can be too.” Yuck!…”

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