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Five Common Dialogue Mistakes

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Five Common Dialogue Mistakes

“‘Dialogue is an important piece of fiction writing. Whether you enjoy writing dialogue or struggle with it, you’ll need it and it will need to be written as well as your narrative.

Dialogue does more than relay a conversation in fiction. Dialogue can:

  • Show readers your character’s personality.
  • Make your characters feel more real and genuine.
  • Help with the flow of your story.
  • Move the plot of your story forward.
  • Add to the action of your story and hint at what is to come.

Dialogue is easy to read and breaks up your narrative, which helps with the flow of your story. Dialogue can speed up or slow down the pacing of your story. It can pull readers deeper into your story by showing readers more about your characters and the plot, but it needs to be written well.

It can be easy to make mistakes with your dialogue that will have the reverse effect on readers and “pull” them out of your story.

Watch for these common mistakes when writing dialogue…”


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