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Choose your publishing partners wisely

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Choose your publishing partners wisely

By David Farland

“Very often I have new writers come to me who have been approached by agents, editors, publishers, or producers who want to take control of their work. Sometimes, that’s a bad idea.

Think of it this way. Suppose that you’ve spent a long hard year tending and watering your garden. At the end of the year, you’re faced with a huge pile of produce—corn and pumpkins, carrots and onions, peas and berries.

And suddenly someone comes and leans over the fence to your garden and asks, “Mind if I take this all down and sell it at the fair for you?”

Wouldn’t you have some questions? Would you look to see if he was dressed like a beggar? Would you want to know what fair he will sell it at? Do you know if he would pay you honestly?…”

Author: SBolithoe

Librarian, author, blogger, presenter, history buff and animal lover.

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