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Why I Write

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Only a few very fortunate writers will ever eke out a living publishing novels. So why do I write?

Making up a story, an entertaining escape filled with humanity and romance, is at the core of everything. And it’s hard – very hard. Reading it over and over, researching, making changes, asking for advice, and thinking till your brain hurts. This is the place where I feel most powerful, most indomitable, and most satisfied when it works. This is peace – when you know in your gut that this is fun, that you like doing it, that even though no one has ever paid you, you do it anyway. And I also like that it’s hard! If it wasn’t, what would I be accomplishing? If it wasn’t hard, anyone could do it.

I write because it’s fun. To keep that in perspective, some people box for fun, getting their faces bashed in, bleeding and getting knocked out. I write. Writing stories feels good, it feels right, it’s fulfilling.

And yes, it would feel even better to get paid for it, but even if I never make any money I’ll keep doing it anyway.Why do you write?

Author: SBolithoe

Librarian, author, blogger, presenter, history buff and animal lover.

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