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How to Win NaNo Using Totally Doable Daily and Weekly Writing Goals – Helping Writers Become Authors

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Here’s how to create super-productive writing goals for NaNoWriMo and beyond. The best part? They’re surprising painless.

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By K.M. Weiland

“What’s the one and only key to winning National Novel Writing Month? For that matter, what’s the key to writing a novel to its finish and being a successful writer, day in and day out, for the rest of your life? If you cheated by peeking at the title, then you’re probably already guessing “writing goals.”

Well, you’re wrong.

Okay, only partly wrong—because the title isn’t lying. We are going to talk about the importance of writing goals and how you can implement them into your daily and weekly writing schedules. But before we can talk about writing goals, we first have to talk about your math skills.

If you’re now groaning, then know I feel your pain, since high school Algebra and I were pretty much mortal enemies. We’re writers, man. We don’t need no stinkin’ math! Except that we totally do. Why? Because successful goals are totally about numbers.

Today, we’re going to find out what it takes to set successful writing goals that will carry you through NaNo—and beyond. (And I promise that if I can do the math, so can you.)…”

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