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Should I Self Publish And Give Up My Day Job?


By Derek Haines

Should I Self Publish And Give Up My Day Job?

“A recent report from Author Earnings confirms that self published titles are gaining enormous traction in the book market, and in particular, e-book sales. From humble and amateur beginnings only a few short years ago, Indie publishing has reduced the Big Five publishers to only 16% of the Amazon e-book market. While the data is only drawn from Amazon sales, their market dominance is so large that one can easily believe that it represents a trend across the whole publishing industry. But does this mean you can write a book, get rich and say, ‘I’ll give up my day job?…”

Author: SBolithoe

Librarian, author, blogger, presenter, history buff and animal lover.

2 thoughts on “Should I Self Publish And Give Up My Day Job?

  1. Personally, and especially in today’s economy, I can’t advise anyone to give up a job until an alternate source of income becomes viable. Admittedly, its impressive when someone believes in themselves to the point where they roll the dice and go all in on their dream. It is pretty tough to get a writing career going as a side gig as usually everyone’s too tired when they come home from work. But I just worry that if writing doesn’t work out, today’s competitive economy isn’t very forgiving.


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